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02-01-2006, 03:09 AM
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Subject: Hope for arthritis stems from within

"Leeds bioengineers have developed an innovative technique for cartilage
repair combining the self-healing powers of the body with stem cell
science to help young people avoid debilitating knee problems and give
hope to arthritis sufferers."

"Current treatments of cartilage defects in the knee are expensive, have
lengthy recovery times, and can even cause as much damage as good.


"As the treatment uses the body's own stem cells, it is much cheaper than
existing methods, where tissue is engineered outside the body and then
implanted. The system has potential for widescale applications. "Initially
young people with small defects will be most suitable for treatment, but
once the system has been put through its paces it might well be used for
larger defects in older arthritic patients," said Dr Seedhom.

"Dr Seedhom is joined on the project by Drs Toyoda, Luo, Lorrison and
Michael Pullan from bioengineering. The arthritis research campaign has
awarded the project 131,000 to explain the cartilage regeneration
process, and Smith and Nephew have begun an evaluation programme to
commercialise the technology for clinical use within four years."

Read more on the University's website:



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