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John Rasmussen
02-01-2006, 07:41 PM
The following public webcast will be presented on Feb. 8, 2006:

Dr. Mark de Zee, School of Dentistry, University Aarhus, presents a progress
report on his investigations of the mechanical effects of distraction

Problems with eating and speaking due to an asymmetry in the mandible have a
great impact on the quality of life. Improvements in the treatment of these
asymmetries will have positive effects on the daily life of the individuals
coping with these problems.

Dr. de Zee's project aims at developing a computer model of the bones and
muscles of the human masticatory system for simulation of the intricate
force equilibrium that governs the movement of the mandible. The first
application of the model is to predict the change in bite, joint and muscle
forces as a consequence of a treatment called mandibular distraction
osteogenesis. However, the model is also of interest from the point-of-view
of basic research as well as for several other orthodontic treatments.

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John Rasmussen
Aalborg University, Denmark