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02-07-2006, 05:44 PM
Dear biomch-l subscribers!

I´m currently working on a project about time-trials in road-cycling
especially regarding seating-position and wind-resistance.

I´ve been looking for literarure on the subject but found nothing really
satisfying. Well, there are a few websites with interesting hints (e.g.
analyticcycling.com), but nothing that would answer all of my questions.

One thing I´m interested in: Are there recommended segmental-angles
(especially upper body, hip flex/ext, knee flex/ext)? Or are these
angles more (or even exclusively) dependent on the athletes preferences
(and on reduced wind-resistance)?

For your information: Motion data for seating position is acquired via
Vicon system (6 cameras) and PlugInGait (41 marker) markerset,
time-trial bicylce will be mounted on a cyclus2 ergometer.
wind-resistance is tested in wind-channel (hopefully) or by freewheeling

Does anyone have any hints for literature concerning these subjects?
Thanks for replies, a summary of replies will be posted.

best regards,
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