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02-07-2006, 10:59 PM
We are still accepting applications for the position of:

Post-Graduate Research Scientist Position
in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery,
CharitÚ - Universitńtsmedizin Berlin

Numerical and Clinical Evaluation of
Bone Remodelling Processes

The Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery is searching for a highly
motivated, ambitious engineer to support the musculoskeletal
biomechanics division of our research laboratories.

Improved knowledge of the internal loading environment of both
the bone and soft tissue structures in human joints is considered
a key element for optimising clinical outcome. The aim of this
project is to study the influences of joint reconstruction and
surgical approach on the short and mid-term clinical functional
outcome after total joint arthroplasty using knowledge of validated
joint contact and muscle forces, as well as the interaction of soft
tissues, total joint replacements and bone. This approach may help
both routine and borderline clinical cases to be optimally planned
and reliably reconstructed. The work will involve direct construction
of Finite Element models, their analysis and correlation with data
collected from clinical cases. Through a close collaboration with
our colleagues from both the orthopaedic and trauma clinic of the
CharitÚ, the aim of this project is to establish a scientific basis
for developing new strategies in surgical therapy and musculoskeletal

The successful candidate should possess a minimum of a Masters
degree (or equivalent that allows entrance to a Ph.D. program),
exhibit a strong background in biomechanical engineering, work
well in a team environment and possess strong problem solving
skills. Experience with Finite Element modelling and knowledge
of hip biomechanics is essential. Familiarity in programming
(C / C++), the ABAQUS and PATRAN software packages, as well as
mechanical testing, would also be considered valuable assets.
If they not possess one already, is expected that the successful
candidate will pursue a Ph.D. during their employment hours.

Since their conception some ten years ago, the research
laboratories of the Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery have
grown into a group of over 35 personnel under the guidance of
Professor Georg N. Duda. The successful applicant will
therefore become part of a highly motivated interdisciplinary
team in an extremely successful scientific working environment.

The working languages in the group are both German and English.

For more information about our group please see:


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Interested candidates should send a CV, including recent publications,
with cover letter to:

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg N. Duda
Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery
CharitÚ-Universitńtsmedizin Berlin
Free and Humboldt-University of Berlin
Augustenburger Platz 1
D-13353 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 30 450 559 079
Fax: +49 30 450 559 969

Email: georg.duda@charite.de