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02-09-2006, 11:49 AM

I'm interested in recording EMG activity from dorsal neck muscles in humans via intramuscular electrodes (e.g., splenius capitis and possibly some suboccipital muscles). Neck muscle anatomy is fairly complex, hence surface EMG recordings from these muscles isn't optimal. Apparently, it is possible to use an ultrasound machine to visualize the electrodes and confirm placement in the correct muscle.
Would anyone have any insights into what type of ultrasound machine would suit this purpose? Any pointers on possible make and model, or other technical specs (e.g., what frequencies are best, what types of transducers work best) would be much appreciated -- I'm fairly naive about the varieties of ultrasound machines out there, but can't imagine that this application is too complicated (e.g., compared to echocardiograms!).

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