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02-11-2006, 06:32 AM
>I am in need of some advice regarding a 3D fe model of the pelvis.
>My thesis incorporates FE analysis and therefore a model of
>the pelvis has to be generated. I have looked at existing
>literature to find that the majority of cases have used CT
>scans. However CT scans are patient specific. I would prefer
>to take a more simplistic approach to the problem and create
>a generic model. Does anybody from the community know of any
>data for which I could base the geometry from or has a model
>they are willing to share?

Look at the VAKHUM website:


and clink on the "Data" link.

VAKHUM was a project (funded by the European Commission) that created a large morphology and motion data database related to the lower limb. Part of it is available from the above website (including CT, geometric and FEM models + motion data for an entire pair of lower limbs, and documentation).

Good luck !


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