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02-22-2006, 10:34 PM
Dear Biomch-L Readers,

We are planning to start collection of sarcomer length of
various muscles (as part of an extensive project dealing
with musculo-skeletal modelling).

After completing a litterature search, I could conclude that
there are two available protocols to perform such
measurement: 1- histology; 2- laser refraction.

2 is obviously the most popular in the biomechanical field
(a large majority of paper dealing with sarcomer length
determination in a biomechanical context used it).

But I never found any clear explications about the
advantages of laser compared to histology.

To me 2- is an indirect method, while 1- is direct. Of
course the latter is obtained after serious muscle cutting
(and maybe denaturation), and this is maybe the reason
why laser is used instead.

So, here is my questions:

What are the advantages and drawbacks of both methods
relative to each other?

Are such differences validated and published?

I would appreciate any help on that matter.

Thank you very much in advance for sharing your
experience !



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