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02-23-2006, 12:39 AM
The Biomechanics/Sports Medicine program at The University of Tennessee -
Knoxville is currently seeking applicants for its PhD and MS programs.
Potential applicants with a strong interest and background in biomechanics
and/or engineering are encouraged to apply. Graduate students are funded
through graduate teaching assistantships and/or research assistantships
during their study at UT.

Current research projects in the Biomechanics Laboratory focus on various
aspects of the biomechanics of athletic footwear and medical orthoses,
examination of lower extremity loading during dynamic movements, lower
extremity injury mechanisms and prevention, gait mechanics following total
joint replacement, gait retraining using real-time feedback, and core
strength and stability. Research projects in the lab are funded by external
and internal grants/contracts. The program has ongoing collaborations with
industrial engineering, the athletics department, biomedical engineering,
materials science and engineering, and animal science on campus, as well as
physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and physicians off campus.

The Biomechanics Laboratory is housed in a newly renovated facility of 3,000
square feet with areas for subject preparation, warm-up, testing, data
processing and analysis, and teaching. The lab is currently equipped with a
6-camera 240 Hz VICON system with real-time capability, 2 AMTI force
platforms, an 8-channel Noraxon EMG system, a plantar pressure insole and
mat system, a treadmill and a Biodex unweighing system. The lab also
possesses two 240 Hz digital video cameras and two 60 Hz video cameras, an
APAS video analysis system, miniature accelerometers, electrogoniometers,
and a variety of other devices. In addition, Cybex and Biodex isokinetic
back testing systems and a stability platform are available. PC computer
workstations linked through intranet/Internet with Visual3D, Vicon Polygon,
Matlab, Labview, SPSS and SAS, and other commercial and customized
biomechanics software are available for data collection, processing and
analysis in the lab.

Additional information may be found on the web:


Potential applicants are encouraged to contact one of the faculty members:

Songning Zhang, Ph.D.: (865) 974-4716,


Clare Milner, Ph.D. (865) 974-7667, milner@utk.edu


Songning Zhang, Ph.D., FACSM

Associate Professor & Director
Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Lab
Department of Exercise, Sport and Leisure Studies
The University of Tennessee
1914 Andy Holt Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37996-2700
(865)974-4716 (Voice)
(865)974-8981 (FAX)