View Full Version : Action, Motor Control, and Praxis Research Assistantship,Philadelphia PA.

02-23-2006, 12:41 AM
Action, Motor Control, and Praxis Research Assistantship, Philadelphia PA.

The Cognition and Action Laboratory of Moss Rehabilitation Research
Institute (MRRI) has an opening for a BA/BS- or Masterís-level research
assistant beginning summer or fall of 2006. Under the direction of Laurel
Buxbaum, the
laboratory conducts NIH-funded research on normal and apraxic action,
cognitive experiments, state-of-the art lesion analysis, and
kinematic/virtual reality applications. Applicants should have strong
academic backgrounds in cognitive
psychology or neuroscience, with coursework in statistics and research
methods. Prior research experience strongly preferred. MRRI and MossRehab
are part of the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network and Jefferson Health
System. The position offers
competitive salary and benefits (medical, dental, vision, tuition
reimbursement). Send cover letter and C.V. to lbuxbaum@einstein.edu, and
have 2-3 letters of recommendation e-mailed to the same address.
Alternatives forms of contact: Laurel J. Buxbaum, Psy.D., Moss
Rehabilitation Research Institute, 1200 West Tabor Rd., Philadelphia, PA
19141; Fax: 215-456-5926.