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02-23-2006, 05:00 AM
Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship
Two year fellowship available within the MossRehab Research Institute
(MRRI), in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), for
research training in the following areas: Cognitive Neuropsychology;
Cognitive Neuroscience of Action; Cognitive Neuroscience of
Language/Aphasia; Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Executive
Function; Cognitive function following traumatic and non-traumatic brain
injury; and Cognitive Rehabilitation research. Research focuses on normal
cognitive processing, nature of cognitive impairments, and impact of
training and drug-based treatments. Available research mentors include Myrna
Schwartz, John Whyte, Laurel Buxbaum, Tessa Hart, Gerry Stefanatos.
Collaborations at Penn allow training in fMRI, structural neuroimaging, TMS,
and ERP (at both sites). Candidates should have a doctorate in
neuropsychology; cognitive psychology; psychology of language;
rehabilitation medicine or related field, and be interested in developing an
independent research career. MRRI/Penn are recognized by a Rehabilitation
Research Infrastructure grant from NIH (www.ncrrn.org). Send CV and letter
detailing research interests and goals to Kevin Whelihan, Research
Administrator, MossRehab Research Institute, 1200 W. Tabor Rd.,
Philadelphia, PA 19141, FAX 215-456-5926 or email whelihank@einstein.edu