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03-10-2006, 12:40 AM
Further to the previous note on the STEP project and its associated
conference, we would like to mention that STEP is organising an
internal meeting in Brussels in May at which more than 100 eminent
scientists from around the world, who have generously agreed to make
their expertise available, will meet with the STEP partners for
fundamental discussions on physiome-related research and how to
ensure a programme for the project that will deliver a comprehensive
roadmap in early 2007.

The STEP project has a fully inclusive policy. We have tried to
identify all European scientists (and many others from around the
world) who are engaged in physiome-related research. We may, of
course, have overlooked some relevant people, in which case we shall
be very pleased to include them in the STEP activities.

If you are engaged in such research and wish to join us for this
meeting, please contact Prajay Kamat at prajay.kamat@luton.ac.uk.


Gordon Clapworthy
Marco Viceconti

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