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03-17-2006, 11:15 AM
Dear Biomch-L members,

In order to evaluate the academic and research work of a person in sport
biomechanics, it is necessary to select a knowledge area. Within this area there
are fields, and selecting a field it is necessary to select a discipline. After
selecting the discipline, it is necessary to select a subdiscipline.

The options are as follows:
Physics - Mathematics and Earth Sciences,
Biology and Chemistry,
Medicine and Health Sciences,
Humanities and Social Conduct Sciences,
Farming Biotechnology Sciences, and

Selecting the AREA: Biology and Chemistry
The FIELDS are: Chemistry, Earth and Cosmos Sciences, Veterinary and Agronomic
Sciences, and Sciences of the Life.
Selecting the FIELD: Sciences of the Life:
The DISCIPLINES are: Animal Biology and Zoology, Cellular Biology, Physical
Anthropology, Biomathematics, Genetics, Human Biology, Physiology, Inmunology,
and Biophysics, among other disciplines.
Selecting the DISCIPLINE: Biophysics
The SUBDISCIPLINES are: Biooptics, Bioenergy, Bioelectricity, Bioacustics, and
Biomechanics, among other subdisciplines.
Or selecting
The DISCIPLINE: Human Biology
The SUBDISCIPLINES are: other :

If I select the AREA: Medicine and Health Sciences, the FIELDS are: Medicine and
Pathology, with DISCIPLINES: Clinical Medicine, Medicine of the Work, Nutrition,
Surgical Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Pharmocology. There is no way.

I would like to know if someone in the list has an opinion about the Sport
Biomechanics location as an academic and research interdiscipline activity. This
is, in which area of knowledge, in which field, in which discipline and in which
subdiscipline could be located.

I would appreciate some comments.


Dra. Matilde Espinosa-Sánchez
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