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Mercie Pisa
05-11-2006, 05:29 AM
PhDx Systems

Job Title: Clinical Research Product Manager

Job Description: Responsible for providing clinical expertise and
product development for clinical applications including study design,
outcomes report design and results reporting. This position will be
responsible for the clinical content of the software and services for
clients in his/her area of responsibility.


* Develop product specifications, including design of data
collection forms, outcomes reports, and process flow. Collaborate with
clients and PhDx staff during the product development process.
* Collaborate with designated physicians and develop clinical
content for applications and studies in specific area of responsibility.
Conduct research where needed.
* Provide ongoing project management identifying issues and
proposing solutions during the data collection phase of a study and
assist customers with study closedown.
* Provide clinical/technical/educational support to internal and
external customers as needed.
* Educate staff on current trends in research and outcomes in
specific area of responsibility.
* Assist in developing programs/strategies to drive new and
existing product lines to allow the company to maximize and grow
business opportunities.
* Assist in promoting the product to prospects, consultants,
customers, and vendors to increase awareness, understanding, acceptance
and sales providing a clinically oriented approach.
* Perform or oversee the analysis of clinical data for area of
* Evaluate benchmarking opportunities for clinical data and create
associated specifications and reports.
* Ongoing evaluation of clinical projects and products in area of
responsibility, resulting in continuous improvements to project/product
* Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
* MPH or Masters degree in a health-related field, or a Bachelor
degree and equivalent work experience
* Clinical and/or management experience related to the specific
clinical area of responsibility
* Demonstrated project management skills
* Working knowledge of Internet browser applications, preferably
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
* Ability to sit at a computer for extended periods of time
* Ability to work independently and in teams
* Ability to attend to details
* Ability to effectively communicate with physicians and other
clients in written, telephonic and face-to-face situations
* Ability to travel

Competitive Salary and Stock options. Visit www.phdx.com for more
information on our organization.

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PhDx Systems, Inc.
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