View Full Version : optojump-like foot-contact-detection on treadmill

05-16-2006, 06:10 PM
Dear collegues,

At our laboratory we are looking for some way to obtain automated heel contact
and toe-off detection for treadmill locomotion. We are unable to get our
treadmill on a force-plate so this is not an option. Besides, this would only
allow to determine individual foot contacts for running and not for walking.
Foot switches are another option, but they are not allways very accurate and
tend to get broken.

We were wondering if it would be possible to install a system like the optojump
around the surface of our treadmill? This system consists of an array of
infra-red transmitters and an array of sensors. The whole thing works like a
contact-mat. We would still have to look for an alternative for the optojump
because it doesn't give direct output (only via the software) and it doesn't
discriminate between footcontacts when walking. Maybe we will have to look into
hardware for burglar-alarm purposes? Has anyone ever tried this soluton?

thanks for your comments,
P. Malcolm

Department of Movement and Sports Sciences
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