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Orit Yarden
11-09-1993, 07:38 PM
Dear Colleagues,

I am rephrasing a question which was posted in the past in the hope of
getting some more answers. Those of you who have already shared their
ideas with me, please excuse the repetition.

At the point of impact during the tennis backhand drive, what is the
desired racket-arm position ? More specifically :
1. The elbow flexion-extension axis, how is it aligned relative to the net?
Is it parallel, perpendicular, or anywhere in between ?
2. Is the forearm supinated or pronated ?
3. What should be the angle between the long axis of the racket and the
long axis of the forearm ? (Some papers talk of the racket being nearly
an extension of the forearm, while others show photographs where the
racket is nearly perpendicular to the forearm).
4. Is the wrist extended (and to what degree) or straight ?

As much as I have read on the subject, I don't have conclusive answers.
I would very much appreciate any information or comment on the topic.

Thanks for your attention
Orit Yarden
Tel Aviv University, Israel
e-mail: yarden@eng.tau.ac.il