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05-19-2006, 07:49 PM
Open post-doctoral positions in computational imaging and modelling
Computational Imaging Lab - Pompeu Fabra University - Barcelona - Spain

The Computational Imaging Lab (www.cilab.upf.edu) at the Pompeu Fabra
University in Barcelona is team focused on algorithmic and applied research
in the area of computer vision and computational modelling. The lab is
composed of 20 members working in different domains of medical image
segmentation, statistical shape modelling and analysis, computational
geometry, pattern recognition and image-based and personalised computational
Currently, the lab is engaged in or about to start several exciting projects
aiming at personalised physical modelling and simulation of organs where
medical imaging, computational mechanics and biology play an essential role.
Our aim is to use medical imaging technologies with a combination of
computational imaging, modelling and simulation tools to develop
personalised tools for risk assessment and personalised treatment design. In
addition, by collaborating with several teams around Europe and the US, our
goal is to integrate all available information of a patient to personalised
diagnosis and treatment.
In this context, the lab has been recently awarded and coordinates an
Integrated Project funded by the European Commission, which aims at
personalized and integrative biomedical informatics in the cerebrovascular
domain. Additionally, the lab is also engaged in a national technology
platform aiming at cardiac modelling and simulation for patient selection
and interventional planning in cardiac resynchronization therapy.

The CILab is seeking proactive and highly talented young post-doctoral
researchers with proven track record of publications in leading
international journals and conferences. In addition, a number of scientific
developer and application engineer positions are also available in similar
areas. Candidates should be highly creative, have the ability to carry out
independent research but work embedded in a research team, and should be
endowed with excellent communication and leadership skills so as to
collaborate with other peers. The ability to work in a multidisciplinary
team and be able to interact with other disciplines is essential.
All applicants should have a strong background in mathematics and physics,
algorithmics and programming [preferably in C++]. Proficiency in spoken and
written English is compulsory.

Candidates with expertise in the following areas are sought:
1/ computational imaging: elastic multimodal image registration,
3D-2D image registration, model-based image segmentation, 3D vision and
reconstruction from projections, computational geometry, information
theoretic approaches to computer vision
2/ medical imaging: image-based non-invasive flow measurement and
3/ biomedical engineering: clinical tool specification and quality
assurance, evaluation of tools and methods in clinical environments,
coordination of applied research and technology transfer to industry and
clinical centres
4/ computational modelling and simulation: electromechanical cardiac
modelling, computational fluid dynamics, computational biology, biophysics,
grid computing and numerical computing, multi-scale and multi-formalism

Starting dates will be prior to July 2006; positions will be for a period of
3 to 4 years. No positions will be considered for less than 2 years.
Salaries are negotiable depending upon qualifications and experience of the
applicants and compliant with Spanish salaries in academic institutions. EU
citizens will be given priority due to labour regulations and work permit
Interested candidates should submit a letter of purpose indicating your area
of interest, salary expectations, CV including contact details of 3
referees, and sample publications to Dr. Alejandro Frangi
[alejandro.frangi@upf.edu], at your earliest convenience.

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