View Full Version : Body mounted sensors to record knee kinematics

Van Der Linden, Marietta
06-04-2006, 07:34 PM
Dear Biomech- L subscribers

I have seen a few reports on the use of accelerometers& gyroscopes to
measure knee kinematics as an alternative to optical motion analysis. I am
currently using electrogoniometers for the recording of knee kinematics of
patients with osteoarthritis, but I am wondering about alternative 'portable
systems'. What is the current state of the art of 'body mounted sensors' ?
What is their accuracy ? How critical is the location of the sensors on the
limbs ? Approximately how long does it take to apply the sensors to a
subjects' thighs and shanks ? How much post-processing is required? What is
their cost ?
Many thanks for any answers& comments to above. I will post a summary.

Kind regards,


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