View Full Version : Biomechanics/engineering research & development position at smallcompany developing Electricity-generating and Ergonomic Backpacks.

06-22-2006, 02:47 AM
Biomechanics/engineering research & development position (pending funding
approval) at small company developing Electricity-generating and Ergonomic

Lightning Packs LLC was formed to commercialize a new class of
backpacks which can generate electricity and has ergonomic advantages
(Science, 2005, 309:1725-1728). An individual with a strong background in
mechanical engineering (particularly dynamics) with interest and experience
in Biomechanics would be ideal. The individual would help model the
backpack, help optimize hardware of the system and will also perform
empirical measurements (backpack forces, ground reaction forces,
kinematics). Some understanding of manufacturing techniques and
good-to-excellent communication skills are necessary to communicate with
collaborating engineers. Finally, being a small company, the individual
would be expected to participate in many aspects of the company's operation
, and hence an entrepreneurial spirit would be helpful. The company is
located in Suburban Philadelphia. Ideal start date would be August, 2006,
although this is somewhat flexible.

Please email PDF's of CV, letter of interest and list of references to Dr.
Larry Rome (lrome@lightningpacks.com).