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06-25-2006, 06:52 AM
>Dear colleague,
>ENACTIVE / 06, the third international conference on Enactive
>Interfaces, will be held in Montpellier (France), November 20-21, 2006.
>Extending our first two meetings, the aim of the conference is to
>encourage the emergence of a multidisciplinary research community in
>a new field of research and on a new generation of human-computer
>interfaces called Enactive Interfaces.
>Enactive Interfaces are inspired by a fundamental concept of
>“interaction” that has not been exploited by other approaches to the
>design of human-computer interface technologies. Mainly, interfaces
>have been designed to present information via symbols, or icons.
>ENACTIVE knowledge is information gained through perception-action
>interactions with the environment. Examples include information
>gained by grasping an object, by hefting a stone, or by walking
>around an obstacle that occludes our view. It is gained through
>intuitive movements, of which we often are not aware. Enactive
>knowledge is inherently multimodal, because motor actions alter the
>stimulation of multiple perceptual systems. Enactive knowledge is
>essential in tasks such as driving a car, dancing, playing a musical
>instrument, modelling objects from clay, performing sports, and so on.
>ENACTIVE / 06 will highlight convergences between the concept of
>Enaction and the sciences of complexity. Biological, cognitive,
>perceptual or technological systems are complex dynamical systems
>exhibiting (in)stability properties that are consequential for the
>agent-environment interaction. The conference will provide new
>insights, through the prism of ENACTIVE COMPLEXITY, about human
>interaction with multimodal interfaces.
> ENACTIVE / 06 is now open for registration and for submission.
>Detailed information about the conference, about how to submit online
>an abstract, and about how to register can be
>found at http:// www.enactive2006.org/
>We look forward to receiving an abstract from you, and we look
>forward to receiving you to Montpellier !
>Best regards
>Pr Benoît BARDY
>Pr Denis MOTTET
>Chairs, Enactive 06

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