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07-18-2006, 01:57 AM
Title: Electrical or Biomechanical Engineer
Location: Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, New York
Date: 07/17/06

We are seeking a full-time engineer, with appointment to begin in September.
The successful candidate should ideally have a graduate degree in electrical
or biomechanical engineering and have competency with programming in LabView
and Matlab, as well as experience with motion capture, EMG, and force
platform systems. We are developing a new biomechanics laboratory with Vicon
Nexus and IQ software enabling both science (biomechanics) and art
(animation / gaming / live performance) utilization. The candidate will
assist in setting up laboratory motion capture hard and software, receive
training in the new Vicon upgrades, set up and be responsible for storage
servers, and conduct educational workshops to faculty and students on use of
the equipment. Other duties include developing programs for data filtering
and analysis, and sharing the responsibilities of data collection, reduction
and analysis, and preparation. Communication skills are critical.
Opportunities exist to develop new areas of research.

Enquiries should be sent to:
Shaw Bronner PT, PhD, OCS