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Mahar, Andrew
07-19-2006, 09:46 AM
Hi everybody,

I finally have a question that does not involve trying to get porcine hips,
bovine spines or chicken feet.

Our lab has a two-axis electrogoniometer (elgon) from Biometrics/Penny and
Giles. While we have had the device for about two years, we have finally
built the machine into which the elgon will be placed. So, we are finally
at a stage to do our custom calibration but we have no documentation with
regards to the actual wire outs for power/output. Would it be possible for
another lab that uses these devices to send that information to me? Also,
if a lab has an actual wiring diagram for the bridge configuration, that
would also be great. Finally, we are very open to any advice or concerns
that other users may have with the device. I have used them in the past
(ie. years ago) and would certainly welcome any new hints.

Hope all is well and people are enjoying their summers (northerners) and
winters (southerners).

Kind regards,


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