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07-20-2006, 01:04 AM
Hi All :

I am a student and am new here. I learnt about Biomch-L after one of my
professors sent me an email regarding a topic of interest.

I am writing in today to find out how many people would agree with me in
the following:

In the alignment of the prosthetic foot, dorsiflexion was the most
important alignment change (ref: Fridman, Ona and Isakov; P&O
International 2003, 27. 17-22)

Would you agree if I say extension of a BK socket is actually equivalent
to dorsiflexion of the prosthetic foot and that flexion of the BK socket
is equal to plantar flexion of the prosthetic foot? I say this because
during mid stance, the shank is to be perpendicular ( or close to) to
the floor. Therefore, if a BK socket is flexed, shank perpendicular to
the floor, then the foot will have to be plantar flexed. Vice versa.

Open for comments.


Chi Wei TAN