View Full Version : PhD and/or Postdoc positions on multi-finger grasping and haptics.

08-01-2006, 01:36 AM
Description: Two one-year long renewable PhD or, preferably, Post-Doc
positions (up to three years) are available at the Italian Institute
of Technology (IIT) Research Unit of Molecular Neuroscience, San
Raffaele University, Milan, Italy.

Current research activities of the laboratory are centered on the
study of the sensory-motor processes involved in fine human motor
skills and the dexterous manipulation of
objects. More specifically, the researches are aimed at understanding
the sensory-motor
and perceptual functions of the hand, as well as the physiological
processes involved in
these functions. To address the problems raised by the functional
versatility and
mechanical complexity of the hand, the laboratory is using a
combination of behavioral,
physiological and robotic techniques. In this context, haptics refers
to the tactile and
kinesthetic afferents occurring during the active exploration of
objects, as well as to a
new robotic technology - the haptic interface - that allows one to
control mechanical interactions between the subject and the
environment. Additional information on the research activities of the
laboratory can be found at www.unisr.it/view.asp?id=4318 and

Requirements: Candidates must have a background in Engineering and/or
Psychophysics and a strong interest in pursuing research in
Neuroscience (Motor Control, Action and Perception). Candidates
should send their CV with an accompanying letter/email in English
(maximum one page) detailing the candidate's motivations, his or her
previous research experience, and relevant skills in psychophysics,
data analysis, programming, and statistics.

PhD Program: Students interested in the PhD program can apply to the
PhD program of the International School in Molecular Medicine in the
Neuroscience Biotechnology Section (see the website
http://www.unisr.it/view.asp?id=3490 for more information on the
application procedure and deadline of the PhD program).

Salary: 18'000-24'000 euros/year gross, commensurate to experience.

Contact: To insure that their candidature will be taken into
consideration, interested candidates should send the requested
material by email to Dr. Gabriel Baud-Bovy (baud-bovy.gabriel@hsr.it)
before September 15, 2006. Request for more information should be
directed to the same address.

Gabriel Baud-Bovy tel.: (+39) 02 2643 4839 (office)
UHSR University (+39) 02 2643 3429 (laboratory)
via Olgettina, 58 (+39) 02 2643 4891 (secretary)
20132 Milan, Italy fax: (+39) 02 2643 4892