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08-03-2006, 10:32 AM
Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board of
110 world renowned experts it is my great pleasure to extend you a cordial
invitation to participate in the 13th International Conference on
Experimental Mechanics (ICEM13) to be held in the town of Alexandroupolis,
Greece, July 1-6, 2007 (webpage: http://www.icem13.gr).

ICEM3 is organized under the auspices of the European Association for
Experimental Mechanics and is sponsored by the European Structural Integrity
Society, the British Society for Strain Measurement, the French Society of
Mechanics, the Italian Association for the Analysis of Stresses, the Society
of Experimental Mechanics of USA, the Japanese Society of Materials Science
and the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics.

ICEM13 will focus in all aspects of experimental mechanics and will include
two tracks devoted to experimental analysis of engineering materials and
structures, and nanomaterials and nanostructures. Emphasis will be given to
micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS). The technical
program of ICEM13 is the product of hard work and devotion of more than 110
world leading experts to whom I am greatly indebted. ICEM13 will comprise
invited lectures by eminent academics from both sides of the Atlantic
together with contributed oral and poster presentations covering all aspect
of experimental mechanics. During the conference special symposia covering
major areas of research activity organized by members of the Scientific
Advisory Board will take place.

The attendees of ICEM13 will have the opportunity to interact with the most
outstanding world leaders and get acquainted with the latest developments in
the area of experimental analysis of engineering and nano materials and
structures. ICEM13 will be a forum of university, industry and government
interaction and exchange of ideas in an area of utmost scientific and
technological importance.

I am sure that besides the superb technical program, you will enjoy the
majestic city of Alexandroupolis with its unique beaches and scenic beauty,
the areas of historical interest and archeological importance of the
prefecture of Thrace, our full-day excursion to the nearby island of Thasos,
the delicious local cuisine, and the traditional Greek hospitality. ICEM13
will be an unforgettable event from the scientific, social and recreational
point of view.

In case you are interested to present a paper please submit a two-page
abstract by September 30, 2006. The abstract should be written according to
a specific format and submitted online through the ICEM13 webpage. Accepted
abstracts will be included in a book published by Springer which will
available at ICEM13.

Please forward this message to those of your colleagues who you believe
could make a fine contribution to ICEM13.

Best regards,
Emmanuel E. Gdoutos
ICEM13 Chairman

Professor E.E. Gdoutos
ESIS President, 2006-2010
EURASEM Chairman, 2004-2007
ECF16 & ICEM13 Chairman
School of Engineering
Democritus University of Thrace
GR-671 00, Xanthi

tel: 30 25410 79651
fax: 30 25410 79652
e-mail: egdoutos@civil.duth.gr

16th European Conference of Fracture (http://ecf16.civil.duth.gr), July 3-7,
2006, Alexandroupolis, Greece
13th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics
(http://www.icem13.gr), July 1-6, 2007, Alexandroupolis, Greece