View Full Version : Conference announcement: Progress in Motor Control VI, Brazil,August 9 - 12, 2007.

08-08-2006, 02:06 PM
Today it is sunny and the temperature is expected to reach 25 degrees
Celsius in Santos beaches.
One year from now, the conference Progress in Motor Control VI
(http://pmcvi.iv.fapesp.br) will take place here, Santos, Brazil
(August 9 - 12, 2007).

Progress in Motor Control VI is under the umbrella of the
International Society of Motor Control (ISMC). The purpose of the ISMC
is to promote basic and applied research in the area of the control of
movement of biological systems.

Motor control research is increasingly multidisciplinary.
Understanding the acquisition and performance of voluntary movements
in biological and artificial systems has interested scientists in
different areas such as biology, mathematics, physics, neuroscience,
psychology, kinesiology, physical therapy, and engineering. The
conference Progress in Motor Control VI aims to bring together
researchers from this wide range of disciplines for exciting
discussions on recent progress in the area.

The four-day Conference will include invited presentations organized
in symposia on cutting-edge topics and free poster presentations.
Panel discussions will conclude each symposium. Poster presentations
will be selected from those submitted in response to the call for

Abstract submission and registration will open on November 1, 2006.

Conference Organization: Marcos Duarte (mduarte@usp.br) and Gil Lucio
Almeida (gillucioalmeida@gmail.com)

Please go to the following website for more details: http://pmcvi.iv.fapesp.br

Symposia and confirmed speakers:

Keynote lecture: Brain-Machine Interfaces
- Miguel Nicolelis, Duke University and International Institute of
Neuroscience of Natal

Symposium 1: New Approaches to Movement Rehabilitation
- Dejan Popovic, Center for Sensory Motor Interaction, Aalborg University
- Ina Tarkka, Brain Research and Rehabilitation Center Neuron
- Hermano Krebs, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Symposium 2: Optimality Principles in Motor Control
- Emanuel Todorov, Movement Control Laboratory, University of
California, San Diego
- Reza Shadmehr, Laboratory for Computational Motor Control, Johns
Hopkins University
- Stephen Scott, Laboratory of Integrative Motor Behaviour, Queen's University

Symposium 3: Laterality, Hemispheric Dominance and Inter-Limb Motor Control
- Robert Sainburg, Movement Neuroscience Laboratory, Pennsylvania
State University
- Richard Ivry, Cognition and Action Laboratory, University of
California, Berkeley
- Kathleen Haaland, Department of Psychiatry, University of New Mexico

Symposium 4: Do Internal Models Exist in our Brain?
- Pietro Morasso, NeuroLab, University of Genova
- Mark Latash, Motor Control Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University

Symposium 5: Sensory Integration for Postural Control
- Fay Horak, Neurological Sciences Institute, Oregon Health & Science University
- Robert Peterka, Neurological Sciences Institute, Oregon Health &
Science University
- Jane Macpherson, Neurological Sciences Institute, Oregon Health &
Science University

Symposium 6: Neuromuscular Changes in Response to Physical Activity
- Gary Kamen, Exercise Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Massachusetts
- Tibor Hortobagyi, Biomechanics Laboratory, East Carolina University

Symposium 7: Detection of Neuromuscular Performance
- Roberto Merletti, Laboratory of Engineering of Neuromuscular System
and Motor Rehabilitation, Politecnico di Torino

We look forward to meeting you in Brazil, 2007!

Marcos Duarte
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil