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Harry Van Lenthe
08-21-2006, 10:56 PM
Applications are invited for a full-time PhD position at ETH Zurich, on:


One of the reasons why implants (screws, nails, etc.) perform worse in
osteoporotic bone is the limited support due to reduced bone mass.
Engineering principles tell that implant stability depends on the fixation
to the bone, and on the amount and quality of the bone close to the implant;
however, the precise mechanisms underlying implant anchorage and implant
failure are still unknown.

To better understand the "Basics of implant fixation" we will start three
PhD positions. This advertised position is one of them, targeted to the
"Quality of the bone-implant interface". This project is aimed at a proper
characterization of the bone-implant interface, which is critical knowledge
in understanding the precise implant failure characteristics. Experimental
work will focus on determining the size and location of the bone-implant
contact areas, and on the quality of these contact areas. In addition to
advanced experimental work, computational modeling will be needed to assess
the potential benefits of surface treatment and bonding characteristics
(physical, chemical, biological) to primary and secondary stability.

The other two positions (already filled) will focus on: 2. bone structure
and bone quality close to the implant; and 3. bone deformation and
implant/bone failure during implant loading. All three positions are part of
a large Clinical Priority Program, as funded by the AO Foundation, and with
participation of several research groups around the globe. More information
on this Program can be found at:
> Clinical Priorities
> Fracture Fixation in Osteoporotic Bone

The planned start of this PhD Position is October 1st, 2006. Salaries are
highly competitive and in accordance with ETH regulations.

The applicant should have a university degree (MSc) in Physics, Material
Science or other relevant discipline. Good skills in both spoken and written
English are mandatory to work in an international, young and dynamic team.
Experience in atomic force microscopy is advantageous; knowledge of German
and a background in biomedical engineering are benificial.

Application letters including a complete curriculum vitae, a list of
attended classes and grades, a list of two references, and a statement on
your background and research interests, should be sent to (preferably by

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