View Full Version : Looking for a facility to perform internal validation work

Randy Mason
08-25-2006, 03:45 AM
Hello ,

I work for an innovative technology company (6th Dimension Devices,
Inc.) that is developing an accelerometry based athletic performance
testing system. We are nearing the final stages of development and are
interested in locating a facility where we could perform internal
validation studies.

The initial model that is available has the capacity to analyze
vertical jumping, gait, linear sprint, agility, a multi-jump test for
anaerobic capacity. Other algorithms are in development.

We are interested in locating a facility that is equipped with a
minimum of; a 3D video/3D optical tracking system, a well validated
accelerometry based motion analysis system, and force plate. Our
company is located in Victoria, B.C., Canada. A facility that is in
the near proximity would be preferred, but not essential.

Also, I am interested to know what methods are used to validate a 3D
video/3D optical tracking system. Thank you for your time and I look
forward to your responses.

Best regards,

Randy Mason,
Motion Analysis Researcher,
6th Dimension Devices
o 250.384.9189