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08-29-2006, 08:05 AM
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Position: Physical Therapist Research Associate
Timeline: Position is available immediately
Location: Downey, California
Requirements: PT, PhD, Eligible for licensure as a Physical Therapist in
the State of California. Grant writing experience preferred.

The Pathokinesiology Laboratory of Rancho Los Amigos National
Rehabilitation Center, under the Directorship of Sara Mulroy, PhD, PT in
Downey, California, is seeking a full time Physical Therapist Research
The Pathokinesiology Laboratory is a state-of-the-art clinical and research
gait and motion analysis laboratory with the mission to improve patient
care through quantitative testing and research. Rancho Los Amigos National
Rehabilitation Center is a 207 bed rehabilitation center serving both
adults and children who have a wide variety of neurological and
musculoskeletal disorders requiring rehabilitation. The Pathokinesiology
Laboratory is equipped with a 4-scanner CODA motion capture system with
Visual 3D movement analysis software, two Kistler force plates and both
surface and fine-wire EMG recording capability with the EMG Analyzer
software. Additional research-related equipment includes two digital video
cameras, Biodex Isokinetic System 3 dynamometer, Pedar Foot pressure
system, 6-sensor MiniBirds electromagnetic motion capture system,
SmartWheel instrumented pushrim wheelchair system, a wheelchair ergometer
and instrumented forearm crutches and front-wheeled walker.

The Research Associate is primarily responsible for participating in both
clinical and research activities of the laboratory which would involve
leading and coordinating the activities of center staff and students for
data collection, processing and reporting. Good communication skills are
required. Areas of current research in the Pathokinesiology Laboratory
include biomechanics of the shoulder of individuals with spinal cord injury
and biomechanics of walking post-stroke and post lower extremity amputation.
The clinical service of the Pathokinesiology provides evaluations for
individual patients of their functional ability (both upper and lower
extremity) using EMG, gait and motion analyses. The research associate
would receive training in fine-wire EMG insertion as preparation for taking
the California State Kinesiological EMG licensure examination.

Since NIH and NIDRR-funded research is a major focus of the center, the
research associate will participate in and assist staff and graduate
students in grant and manuscript preparation, and in disseminating study
results to the scientific community. He or she must also have the ability
to design or develop new research topics leading to possible grant funding.

For more information,
please contact Dr. Mulroy at