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Bill Sands
09-05-2006, 12:58 AM

Apply to Human Resources, US Olympic Committee, 719.866.4647


POSITION TITLE: Research Assistant JOB NO: SS072706-RA

DIVISION/DEPARTMENT: Coaching and Sport Sciences Division


Assist in provision of biomechanics service, education, and consultation for elite athletes and coaches as a member of the Coaching and Sport Sciences Division.


1. Assist the Senior Biomechanist(s) and Biomechanist(s) in the collection, processing, and analysis of biomechanical data and the preparation for disseminating the results to coaches and athletes.

2. Assist the Senior Biomechanist(s) and Biomechanist(s) in supporting coach and athlete education programs through the development, preparation, and dissemination of presentation materials at clinics, workshops, and seminars.

3. Assist the Biomechanist(s) in maintaining a functioning laboratory area, instrumentation and equipment, and adequate supplies.

4. Support the Biomechanist(s) in the maintenance, updating, and upgrading of biomechanical test data files.


Standard office equipment

Standard and specialized biomechanics field and laboratory test equipment


Office environment, multi-building complex.

Indoor/outdoor summer and winter sport environments.

International and domestic travel required.

Position is intended to be up to two years duration.


Master's degree (or ABT) desired.

Experience testing and evaluation of athletes.

Experience in one or more of the following areas: analysis of athletic motion, quantification of forces in sports performance, or three dimensional video analysis of sports performance.

Good communication and public speaking skills.

POSITION REPORTS TO: Head, Sport Biomechanics

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