View Full Version : Seeking Advice: Small marker (<1mm diameter) visible in both MRand CT

Jd Johnston
09-20-2006, 05:51 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers,

I am seeking some advice regarding small markers (~1mm diameter) which can
be observed via both CT and MR imaging. I would like to do some validation
studies on our registration system which shape matches CT and MR derived 3D
structures, and would ideally use a small marker which could be taken to
represent a single xyz point in space. A number of these points would then
be used to assess the accuracy of the registration algorithm(s).

Tantalum bead won't work due to the magnets, and I think that low magnetic
SS beads would cause distortion w/ the MR. We have used pills (~5mm
diameter) containing oil (Cod Liver I think), and small ink tubes containing
water and they worked sufficiently well, but I'm looking for something a lot
smaller and was hoping that the BIOMCH-L community might have some

Thanks in advance,

JD Johnston

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