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11-18-1993, 12:08 AM
Dear colleagues,

As a follow-up to the recent thread on the capabilities of the Peak
Performance System, I would like to enquire:

Does your lab use any custom software in conjunction with these products
[that you are also willing to share?]
Please identify the purpose of the software, its requirements (compiler
types, etc), and its output.

I am particularly seeking PC software written to be Peak-output-compatible that
will be easy to implement and will help speed and simplify reducing data from
numerous (~200) trials, but any other procedures may be equally helpful.

Reply to me personally at nd26@umail.umd.edu.
Please include a snail mail address and an email address.
I will redistribute all replies to the list. Thank you.


Nancy R. Deuel, PhD nd26@umail.umd.edu
* University of Maryland Equine Sports Biomechanics Laboratory *
* 1113 Animal Sciences Center Animal Sciences Department *
* University of Maryland Phone: 301/405-1385 *
* College Park, Maryland 20742 USA Fax: 301/314-9059 *