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A New
09-28-2006, 07:55 PM
Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who replied to my question on suppliers of cadaveric
tissue. Please find below a list of organisations (mostly US based) who can
supply such materials.

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation http://www.mtf.org/
Biogift http://www.biogift.org/
Sciencecare Anatomical http://www.sciencecare.org/
Anatomy Gifts Registry http://www.anatomicgift.com/
Medical Education and Research Institute http://www.meri.org/
NDRI (National Disease Research Interchange) http://www.ndriresource.org/
IIAM (International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine)
LifeLegacy Foundation http://www.lifelegacy.org/
UK Human Tissue Bank http://www.ukhtb.org/

Both NDRI and IIAM have exported material to the UK.

My understanding is that it is illegal in both the US and the UK (and
probably most other countries) to supply human tissues for profit, although
in the US (and presumably elsewhere) organisations which do supply such
materials are allowed to make reasonable charges to cover their costs.

For the information of those in the UK, the Human Anatomy Act of 1984, which
prohibited the use of cadaveric material for implant testing unless specific
permission for its use for this purpose had been obtained, has been replaced
by the Human Tissue Act of 2004. This resulted in the creation of the Human
Tissue Authority who have lots of information on their website
(http://www.hta.gov.uk/) about the new licensing requirements for those who
use human tissues.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who responded for their help.



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