View Full Version : Optimum hip and knee joint angles for generating power

10-03-2006, 04:59 PM
Hi All,
I am interested in the results of any research into the optimum knee and
hip joint angles for generating explosive power from a static position
(or combinations of hip and knee joint angles if this has been
investigated). I am also interested in approximate percentage decrement
as you deviate from these angles (eg. is there say a 20% decrement in
rate of force development with a 30 degree change in knee joint
angle???). This has particular relevance to numerous sporting
situations such as the dive start position in swimming and the rugby
scrummaging set position. Any information would be appreciated and a
summary of replies will be sent out.
Regards, Andrew

Andrew Lyttle
Sports Biomechanist

Western Australian Institute of Sport
, alyttle@wais.org.au