View Full Version : .pgd file format (pre-processed gait data) or other alternativesto .c3d

Rettig, Oliver
10-04-2006, 02:00 AM

I am looking for a alternative file format to c3d, because I want to
store more details escpecially from my models in, eg. Information about
mapping markers to segments, axis directions of technical and anatomical
coordinate systems etc..

I have found the file extention .pgd (pre-processed gait data). It seams
to be an ascii format which defines how to store such data.

But I have not found a detailed description/specification of that
format! Where can I get one?

Is .pgd a public and frequently used format?

If .pgd is ascii, I think reading/writing is more time consuming. Are
there other binary format alternatives which I can use?

Are other people using extented c3d-formats?

Best regards
Oliver Rettig