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Rich Hart
11-19-1993, 06:57 AM
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Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know the ORS (Orthopaedic Research Society) will be
held in New Orleans in February. Last year, when the ORS was in San
Francisco, Chris Jacobs et al. hosted a pre-ORS mini-symposium on the
Sunday before the ORS. The rationale for the timing was that most of
us would be in town Sunday anyway (to take advantage of reduced
airfare for Saturday night stays). The subject of the symposium was
computer methods in orthopaedic biomechanics, and most of the
presentations were made by graduate students or recent graduates.

Considering the success of and the interest in the mini-symposium
from last year, we thought the tradition should be continued this
coming February here at Tulane in New Orleans as a Suhren* Symposium
in Biomedical Engineering: Computer Modeling in Orthopaedic

I am writing to invite your attendance and/or participation in the

The symposium will be held on Sunday, February 20th on the campus of
Tulane University. We hope to include as broad an audience as
possible. If you are not currently included on our E-mail list and
would like to be, please contact me directly.

Having stated our desire to let as many people know about the meeting
as possible, we now need to bring up the issue of limiting
participation. We had intended to have the meeting in the Boggs
Center, home of Biomedical Engineering at Tulane, but the room we
would have available can only seat 70 people. Preliminary interest
indicated more than that many would be interested, so I have found
another meeting room on campus (capacity over 150), and will include
a tour of the Biomedical Engineering Department at lunch. Of course
having a large room for presentation still means we need to find a
way to limit the number of presentations.

If you would like to make a short (10-12 minutes, 5 minutes for
questions) presentation on recent research that uses computer
modeling in orthopaedic biomechanics please send me -- via E-mail
ONLY -- a title, a brief (1-2 sentence) summary, your name, position,
and affiliation. Preference will be for presentation by "worker
bees," e.g., graduate students, recent graduates, etc. If any one
institution contributes a number of suggestions for presentations, we
may allocate an "Institutional Block" of time for those
presentations. Note that I am not TRYING to tick-off anyone, but --
due to time constraints -- the number of presentations will need to
be limited.

Following the presentations will be a Crawfish Boil and a local brew

I look forward to your replies.


RTH@BMEN.TULANE.EDU Richard T. Hart, Ph.D. (504)865-5889
Associate Professor FAX:(504)862-8779
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118

*Supported by the Suhren Lectureship Fund of Biomedical Engineering,
Tulane University

Appendix: Current Mailing list
(This is built upon last year's list. It is certainly not complete,
so please forward to anyone for whom this announcement would be
appropriate, and send me their address. Many thanks, in advance.)

mx%"jacobs@wolff.stanford.edu" "Chris Jacobs"
mx%"carter@bones.stanford.edu" "Dennis Carter"
mx%"beaupre@bones.stanford.edu" "Gary Beaupre"
mx%"mandell@bones.stanford.edu" "Jay A. Mandell"
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mx%"fyhrie@ludy.bjc.hfh.edu" "David Fyhrie"
mx%"U462006@HNYKUN11.BITNET" "Jan Herman Kuiper"
mx%"U462000@HNYKUN11.BITNET" "Rik Huiskes"
mx%"U462008@HNYKUN11.BITNET" "Harry Weinens"
mx%"U462003@HNYKUN11.BITNET" "Bert van Reitbergen"
mx%"U462001@HNYKUN11.BITNET" "Michel Dalstra"
mx%"U462002@HNYKUN11.BITNET" "Mico Verdonschon"
mx%"cmflahiff@life.uams.edu" "Charlene Flahiff"
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