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Vint, Peter
11-19-1993, 11:09 AM
We are currently trying to decide upon a commercially available data
acquisition software package for our biomechanics lab. The recent
communications concerning this same topic have been very helpful. We have
been impressed with the LabView for Windows system offered from National
Instruments (NI), and from many of the responses from the BIOMCH-L
subscribers, it sounds as is this is an excellent package. However, as
pointed out in an earlier message, LabView requires NI A/D hardware.
Presently, we are using the MetraByte DAS-16 A/D board for our EMG and
force plate data acquisition applications and would like to know of
subscribers who have used acquisition software for this board. Has anyone in
the listing had experience with any of the following MetraByte software


Specifically, we would appreciate any information on the following aspects
of the MetraByte data acquisition software:

* Flexibility: Does the software allow the user to develop flexible
applications without difficulty (e.g. one base application with
changeable sampling rates, amplifications, etc.)?

* Display Time: How fast is the "real time" display during collection? Is
this significantly affected by post-signal processing computations?

* Development: Is application development relatively easy? Does the
software come with pre-existing libraries which include processing
procedures which are commonly used with biomechanical data?

* Appearance: How attractive is the graphical display? (We are also
intending to use the software as a component in out undergraduate
biomechanics lab exercises).

We welcome any comments from the listing. Thanks.

Peter Vint
Biomechanics Laboratory
Arizona State University