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John Scholz
11-22-1993, 04:09 AM
Has any one attempted to model the trunk in detail in order
to estimate body segment prameters for biomechanical
models? For example, does anyone know of data that attempts
to distinguish between density of internal organs vs.
muscle and the abdominal cavity? If so, I would appreciate
your inout. We have been trying to model the trunk using
geometric shapes in order to account for intersubject
differences in body structure, using a modeling program
called GEOMOD. We take detailed measurements of body circumference
width and depth. We have assumed constant density within a
given segment (eg.the abdomen). However, our estimates of
moment of inertia a substantially different from estimates
obtained from sources such as Winter, although the mass
estimates are more similar.

By the way, several months ago I sent out a request for any
data sources that compared ground reaction forces measured
with a force plate to those estimated using a top-down model
(from the load in the hands) during the task of lifting a load
using a squat-lift (leg-lift) procedure. I have no posted
my responses because none of the responses were able to
provide information on these specific forces for this task.
If anyone whoi did not see the previous posting is aware of
such data, I would appreciate your reply.
John Scholz