John_ _bickerstaffe
11-06-2006, 09:47 PM

I have been tasked with assisting with the design of our new gait lab which
will be 13m by 6m. This will be used for 3D gait analysis for at risk groups,
CP, paediatric, pre and post op assessment + neurological gait assessment.

Does anyone have any guidelines in terms of specification, layout, finishes,
equipment etc. I have already had considerable advice regarding this but
further opinions would be appreciated. (I have already accessed previous
biomechl pages on this subject also).

Usually we would start such a process with a NHS baseline specification and
build on that, but given the specialist nature of this facility, an NHS
guideline does not exist.

It would be extremely helpful if you could advise on any requirements, in
terms of:

Floor, wall, heating, lighting and other technical and engineering
requirements particularly around loading requirements (specify loading
structure)for force plates

Equipment what are the specific requiremnts for wall mounting
cameras- do they require reinforcment?

We currently have a 6 camera Qualisys system and use visual 3D for data
analysis. We are soon to receive 2 AMTI force plates and a walkway. What other
equipment would you advise?- EMG- if so which one for surface EMG.

Many thanks

John Bickerstaffe
Orthopaedic Triage Dept
Tameside and Glossop PCT

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