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11-09-2006, 11:26 PM
Call for Papers:

I ENEBI, 1st Brazilian Biomechanical Engineering
Meeting (1o Encontro Nacional de Engenharia
Biomecânica), may 23-25, Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro,

Home page: http://www.dees.ufmg.br/enebi/
Informations: enebi@dees.ufmg.br

The 1st Brazilian Biomechanical Engineering Meeting is
an initiative of the Bioengineering Committee of ABCM
(Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and
Engineering, www.abcm.org.br) to promote the
integration and exchange of experiences among the
different Brazilian research groups in the area. Its
main purpose is to get together the groups from
different areas of the country so as to establish
joint cooperation projects. It is the first national
meeting in Brazil in the specific area of Engineering

Ongoing research papers and with partial results are
welcome, to be discussed by the scientific community,
in a cooperative and informal way. The participation
of graduate and undergraduate students is especially
encouraged. Professionals and students from Health
Sciences (medicine, physiotherapy, dentistry, etc) are
most welcome, contributing to the discussion of
bioengineering problems with their engineering

Important: The conference will be held in Portuguese
Language, although papers written in Spanish and
English will be accepted.

The International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) will
grant a special prize to the best student paper
presented in the I ENEBI.

Deadline to send the papers (extended abstracts):
January 30, 2007


Biomechanics and motor control
Musculoskeletal biomechanics
Biofluids and heat transfer
Artificial organs
Medical images and diagnosis
Biomechanics in dentistry
Modeling of physiologic systems
Surgery techniques
Other related topics

Organizing Committe

Estevam Barbosa de Las Casas, UFMG
Luciano Luporini Menegaldo, IME
Raul González Lima, EPUSP
Edson Capello Souza, UNESP

Scientific Committe:

Marcos Pinotti Barbosa, UFMG
Cleudimar Amaral Araujo, UFU.
Djenane Pamplona.PUC-Rio
Agenor de Toledo Fleury, USP
Jayme Pinto Ortiz, USP
Rafael Yague Ballester, USP
Marcos Duarte, USP
Sérgio Teixeira da Fonseca, UFMG
Tulimar Pereira Machado Cornacchia, UFMG

Invited speakers

Raul Gonzáles Lima, EPUSP, “The state-of-art in
Electrical Impedance Tomography”

Sérgio Oller, UPC, Barcelona, “Soft-tissue modelling”

Raul Feijó, LNCC, “Multi-Scale models in

Paulo Fernantes, IST, Lisboa, “Bone constitutive

Gil Almeida, Unaerp, “The impact of biomechanics and
motor control in kinesiology”

Sponsor: Bioengineering Committee of the Brazilian
Association of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering

Support: International Society of Biomechanics (ISB),
Brazilian Association for Numerical Methods in
Engineering (ABMEC), CNPq, CAPES.

Organizers: Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
and Military Institute of Engineering (IME)

Dr. Luciano Luporini Menegaldo
Associate Professor
Military Institute of Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Pça General Tiburcio 80, Urca
Rio de Janeiro-RJ, 22290-270
phone: 55-21-2546-7243, 55-21-8207-7163 (mobile)
Fax 55-21-2546-7049

__________________________________________________ _____
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