View Full Version : Walking lunge mechanics

11-15-2006, 03:47 AM
I am asking for help from any expert out there. I am doing research on the walking lunge exercise. Specifically, a biomechanical analysis of the motion. I am having a great deal of difficulty finding any information or studies done on the subject.

In particular, I am looking for information pertaining to the link between the joint angle of the knee as it relates to muscle activation. At what angles do particular muscles activate more forcefully, etc.

One other question I have for all of you is about biomechanical analysis software. Is there any one out there that can recommend any particular type? Everything I have found so far is very cost prohibited. Unfortunately, this project that I am working on in for a non-profit, so I do not have a budget to buy expensive software. Any purchases will be out of my own pocket. Since a computerized and visual analysis of the walking lunge is an important part of my project, any information on this area would be highly appreciated.

~Erik P.

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