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11-24-1993, 11:31 AM
Dear all,

I have a request from down-under that some of you may be able to help me
with. I am chasing a couple of publications in the International series on
Biomechanics. I am based at the National Sport Information Centre at the
Australian Sports Commission in Canberra and we boast a large collection
of sporting material.

The proceedings of the Internation Congress of Biomechanics, known as
Volume XI-B of the International Series on Biomechanics (1988) with de Groot,
A.P. Hollander, P.A. Huijing & G.J. van Ingen Schenau (editors) is one of the
publications I am chasing, published by the Free University Press in
Amsterdam. Was ther a volume XI-A as well..?

Seems Human Kinetics handled the distribution up until Volume X, then
different arrangements were made for the Congress in Amsterdam in 1987/88 and
since...Did anyone that attended this Congress obtain the proceedings...?

What I need are supply and cost details for these volumes and any other
volumes in the series since.

Replies can come direct to me at JODIE.DAVIS@AUSPORT.TELEMEMO.AU

Thanking you in anticipation

Jodie Davis
Research Assistant
National Sport Information Centre, Australian Sports Commission
Canberra, Australia