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A.w. Smith
11-26-1993, 12:57 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L Readers,

We have a Panasonic (National) AG-7350 VCR with an RS-232C add-on which allows
us to operate the VCR from a microcomputer. We are especially interested in
taking advantage of the time code generator to control our digitising of

The product manual is quite helpful, but it lacks sufficient information to
do all the things we want. I suspect it is a translation from its original
language as well.

Are any of our readers famililar with this issue? Can anyone suggest a source
of 'generic' subroutines, perferably in BASIC or Turbo Pascal, which can help
us to get up to speed here? Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted (and
any pertinent info will be posted here as a summary).


Drew Smith PhD

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