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Ekin Akalan
12-14-2006, 04:23 AM
Hi Sir;
I am stduying on 3D anatomical dynamic model and i built the
tibio-femoral model based on Abdel-Rahman 1998 but i want to add
patello-femoral model in to it. Unfortunately i could not find the attachment points for patellar ligaments, quadriceps muscles as well as the location of the patella relative to the femur. Then i cameacross the article which
was written in 1995 J. Biomed. Eng. "A three-dimensional anatomical model of the human patello-femoral joint, for the determination of patello-femoral motions and contact characteristics." I could not achieved this article. So i do not know if the attachment points are metioned in the article? if yes
could you please send me your article ? and if not Could you please
help me to find the the artcile which includes the info i need. Sorry
about so many questions..

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