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unknown user
11-29-1993, 08:54 PM
I apologize to everyone for the unclear description of my models in a message
which should have not been sent via the Biomech List Server. However, I have
decided to include this more detailed description.

I have developed two models in Autocad environment to analyse the patellofemoral
joint in transverse and saggital planes.
They are not 3-D but can be used for 3-D analysis interacting with each other.
The transverse model is two dimensional and the saggital one can be considerd as
two and half dimensional because it employs 3-D descriptioin for articular
surfaces but assuming the joint to be symmetric.
The equations are being solved graphically and numerically using Autolisp
programming. The models communicate with each other to produce 3-D results and
at the moment some experiments are being developed to verify these results.

I apologize again for any inconvenience and will be glad to give further details
to everyone interested.

Farzam Farahmand