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12-29-2006, 05:49 AM
Dear Readers,

I am PhD student who deals with a problem of designing the support system for
rehabilitation of spastic patients.

One of the properties is the ability to objective quantification of
spasticity. This problem will be resolved by system identification approach.
To this end I need data of spastics and healthy people. The data are EMG
signals and force moment acquire simultaneously during the same experiment.

The force moment:
1. Measuring during elbow's flexion/extension, in isokinetic mode, both
eccentric and concentric case

1. Acquired from biceps and triceps brachii

I would like to establish a connection with people who deals with the similar

Sorry for any mistakes which I have made in my problem description. Hope that
everything is clear enough.

Best regards - Krzysztof Brzostowski

Krzysztof Brzostowski, PhD Student

Wroclaw University of Technology
Institute of Control and Systems Engineering
Wroclaw, Poland