View Full Version : Two Postgraduate scholarships in muscle biomechanics– Sydney

Lynne Bilston
01-04-2007, 11:29 AM
Two scholarships are available for students to pursue studies towards
a PhD in Sydney, Australia. The studies will examine the
length-tension properties of resting muscles and tendons using
ultrasonography, MRI and novel biomechanical techniques. These
studies will be carried out in collaboration with Professor Simon
Gandevia, Associate Professor Lynne Bilston and Associate Professor
Rob Herbert at either the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute
(http://www.powmri.edu.au) or the Cumberland campus of the University
of Sydney (http://www.fhs.usyd.edu.au/phy/staff/academics/herbert_rob.shtml).

One of the students will use MRI to quantify moment arms of human leg
muscles and to obtain the first measures of viscous properties of
resting leg muscles in humans. This project would suit an engineering
graduate or a student with a background in biomechanics.

The other student will examine the mechanisms of contracture in
patients with spinal cord injury and stroke, and may also examine
patterns of growth of muscles and tendons in children. These projects
would most suit a physiotherapy or biomechanics graduate. The
scholarships will be available for three years, with a possibility
for 6 month extension.

There are funding options for both Australian and non-Australian
students. Australian students are eligible to be funded directly, or
for supplemental scholarships if they obtain an Australian
Postgraduate Award or scholarship from elsewhere. Non-Australian
students can apply for the University of Sydney International
Research Scholarship (as well as others), see:


For more details about the project or scholarships, please contact
A/Prof Rob Herbert at R.Herbert(at)usyd.edu.au