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Brett Lee
12-02-1993, 12:18 PM
This posting is in response to interest expressed in programming
Panasonic VCR's.

At Purdue University we have developed a video motion analysis
system. This component system (written in Microsoft "C") appears
to be both an accurate and reliable means of digitizing coordinates
from images displayed on a monitor.

This goal of this project, initiated by Dr. Carol Widule (Director
of Biomechanics, Purdue University), was to provide the basic
software for biomechanists (and other interested parties) to help
them develop their own motion analysis systems. Since it seems
there may be some readers interested in developing their own
systems, we would like to make this source code available.

The major limitations of the code are:

1. It is not a turn-key system as some of the source code is
dependant on both the VCR and the frame-grabber used.

2. The source code does not include any analytical routines (we
currently use FORTRAN on a mainframe).

It is our hope that this code can eliminate much of the work for
those interested in developing their own systems, and also that the
interactions with interested parties will help to improve the system
currently in use here at Purdue.

For a copy of this source code, please contact me via e-mail.

Brett Lee
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Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47906

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