View Full Version : Toe Clearance in Stair Ascent Measurement Methods

01-22-2007, 05:31 AM
I am looking for information on measuring toe clearance during stair
ascent in human subjects without attaching a marker on the toe.
Right now, I have two markers on the edge of a stair to draw a line
between them that represents the edge of the stair. Then the subject has
a marker on the most anterior part of the foot as they walk up the stairs.
Since toe clearance during stair ascent can be in the centimeter range, I
am looking for a more accurate method.
I remember reading about a method that draws a vector from the lateral
ankle malleolus to the second metacarpal of the toe and a vector from the
medial ankle malleolus to the first metacarpal of the toe. And where
these vectors intersect is the most anterior part of the foot. I don't
know what article it was in or even who wrote it, but does anyone know
what I am referring to? If there are other method out there, please let
me know.

Jennifer Manz
Research Assistant
Bioengineering Department
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania