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Omer Oztan
12-06-1993, 01:00 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm working on the "effects of maxillar protraction on human
skull". At the end of my survey , i saw that in some papers -at least
papers that i could found - , the elastic properties of a human skull &
maxilla were taken for "dry bone" and most of the properties are
"isotropic" .

Well, is there anybody who have an information about :

. "Wet bone" data (preferrably anisotropic),
. a paper related with this topics,
. a site/s-services that i can search the topic by myself ( i have
no idea about
services, since i'm new in internet ) .

Any information will be gratefully received. Thanks in advanced.

Omer Oztan


Omer OZTAN B.Sc.(Eng.)

Middle East Technical University (METU) Ankara / TURKIYE

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