View Full Version : Motion systems for "in-place" sports

Neil Glossop
12-06-1993, 03:06 AM

I am looking for opinions and experiences of people using motion
analysis systems such as Motionanalysis, Vicon and Northern Digital
for recording and analysing "stationary" sports such as golf and
tennis swings and throwing sports. Specifically I am interested in
experiences regarding shortcomings and "wish lists" of these instruments.
Have they lived up to your expectations and which would you recommend?
Are they easy to set up and use? What about data speed, quality etc?

I have been researching the various systems for several months, but
the money involved is large enough that I would feel reassured if
I could get some opinions of real users before I parted with all
of that cash. Any opinions/advice would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance,

N. Glossop, Ph.D.,
ISG Technologies
Toronto, Canada